Sabine Wojcieszak: Don't make me feel stupid!

In the world of agile and DevOps interdisciplinary work becomes more important than ever. But we all have learned our domain-specific languages for years or maybe decades. And for us and our domain colleagues this specific language is easy to understand. But as soon as people from other domains come into play, it becomes difficult. Suddenly the domain-specific languages are not inclusive anymore, and our conversation partner may feel stupid because of the resulting communication gap. Misunderstandings and bad quality can be the result. But the question is still: Who is responsible for that? As we all want to be successful in collaboration communication becomes our all business - so we all are responsible for a positive outcome! In this talk, Sabine Wojcieszak will share some examples from her daily work, which will help to understand the problem, and also show some approaches how to deal with it.